Nigeria latest reviews and complaints

     Sapele Local Government Secretariat. Sapele - What should I do?

NIN 38736989496 this is my NIN number when I tried to send it to jamb I was shown error passing gateway Read more

     Yinkus Driving School - Professional instructor

The instructor is well informed and highly professional , it is fast and easy while learning how to drive in yinkus driving school. Read more

     Tuse Cafe Badagry Roundabout - Cleanliness

I got here with my family and wat am i seeing???! dust and excessive hike of snacks.sitting down and chairs are all dirty.No cleaners to clean? Read more

     ForcastBet - Number and location not real

Please kindly look into the fetched data. The phone number is not real and the location kindly change them. So that the data will be authentic Read more

     Gbovo Transport - Bad company

If you are aspiring to own or buy a car through hire purchase, If you do not want to cry and have the biggest regret of your life, when you see Gbovo transport anywhere, please run. Not only do they deliver very terrible cars, You will spen... Read more

     P String Music And Technology Institute - Please dear sir/ma I want to join your band

Please dear Sir/ma I want to join your band and you be happy that I joined the band and I will be happy to join the band Read more

     Onyike, Oju LGA - Onyike IBILLA

Onyike IBILLA, OJU LGA BENUE State Nigeria is a great place to be, you are welcome to Onyike IBILLA OJU LGA BENUE State Read more

     Bondeals - This person is a lair and a scammer

Bonaventure ole! Pay me my money na help I help you, you this ungrateful bastard, go get a life and stop lying and scamming people here and there e no go better for you Read more

     Faleti Medical Centre - Failed competence

You people killed an unborn baby in your place due to incompetence and poor medical personnels.I've taken the name of hospital to my social media accounts for bad review.rubbish Read more

     BRUHM - Washing machine

Pls my washing machine is not working and it's not up till 6month I need someone to repair it.pls can someone come and repair the machine Read more